Registration Information

Retreat Cost/Reservation Requirements – Updated for COVID-19

  • Individual Registration $130 for the weekend
  • All reservations are subject to Michigan’s 6% use tax
  • Only one group will be booked per weekend

  • Minimum of 4 reservations (can be less people but reserve no less than 4 spots)

  • Reservations of 4-5 spots will book the 3 bedrooms on the main floor 

  • Reservations of 6 or more will include bedroom(s) on the second floor (can be less people but reserve no less than 6 spots)

  • All bedroom and workstation assignments will be handled by your group

Register and Pay Online

Register and pay online. Link to register and pay online

Register and Pay by Phone

Register and by phone at 517-258-1426. Link to all of our contact information